They say home is where the heart is
But I don’t know where mine lives

I don’t know if home the caldera-shaped city I love
I don’t know if it’s stuck on Soi 11
Taking the BTS somewhere
Or counting tuk-tuks outside my balcony
I don’t know if it’s sitting on…

On the corner of Livingston Street
Just tryna hold my tears
My watch is reminding me to breathe
But I have forgotten how to do that

I am counting the seconds until I get to my car while my mind goes back to what he said.

9 seconds

“I have…

One thing is to hear it from your friends, and the other thing is to hear it from him. When he said, “move on,” I didn’t know what that meant.

Move where?

The idea to move worldwide was conceived in February 2013, right when I hit yet another 20-something-year-old crisis…

I have 5 battle scars serving as daily reminders that I gave the person I love the most a second chance at life. But these scars are also reminders of my body’s strength.

I donated a kidney to a stranger, and a stranger donated her spare kidney to my mom…

I am starting this post in Coroico.

It is nearly sunset, and I am surrounded by friendly stray dogs, mosquitos, and German couples. But — I wouldn’t trade any of it because I am witnessing the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in a long while. …

The part that hurts the most is knowing you’ve become their past. You are the person who comes up in random conversations, probably the heart-to-heart ones with close friends. Maybe they’ll mention you when their mom asks about you, and they sit there thinking, “I haven’t heard that name in…

I was so over it before he came along.

I met a redhead in March, and you know what they say about redheads. Something along the lines of “they are ghosts.” I think they were right. He wasn’t who I thought he was. Hell, he was not who he thought…

Warm air.
Freshly pressed white tee.
He is standing at my front door, telling me that he’s never met someone like me.

Every night we exchange stories from distant lands
He tells me about places I haven’t been
and I’m back in history class listening to tales about the Rwandan Genocide

When I look at him

I feel like he’s 100 years old

I have a feeling that he’s been here before


When he smiles, I feel like he’s four

When he shares his passions and talks about his favorite songs, his eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

He has mildly curious eyes that send electric shocks up and down my spine.

He wants to know me

He wants to study me

And I’m paralyzed in place, unable to pronounce my name

He scans my body slowly

Undresses me with a look

And I go back home and think about his mildly curious eyes

Wondering if he felt what I felt

I’m sitting across from the boy I thought I loved. I am searching for a sign of anything. A blink, two blinks. Negative. Nada. Instead, he looks at me and says: I don’t feel the same way about you.

My heart sinks.

Now what?

I had traveled 3,924 miles to…

nicky gott

Hi! I’m Nicky. Welcome to my thing :)

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